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couples counselling sussex

working with couples and individuals experiencing difficulties with their personal relationships
Relationship Counselling
Psychosexual therapy
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Relationship Counselling
I see adults experiencing difficulties in their relationship whether they are couples or individuals, married or in a partnership, divorced or divorcing, heterosexual or in same sex relationships 
If any of the following are relevant to you, counselling may help:
  • difficulties with closeness and intimacy
  • communicating with each other
  • different sexual needs
  • repetitive arguments
  • issues of trust and fidelity
  • feelings of distance or resentment
  • life stage issues within the family, e.g. a bereavement, or when children are born, become teenagers or leave home.


Couples Counselling can help you to:

  • listen, understand and communicate with each other in more constructive ways
  • resolve your conflicts in a safe space
  • negotiate with each other about difficult situations and decisions
  • return to a more loving and respectful relationship

To enquire about an appointment, contact me, Vivienne Serpell, on 07973440323 or email